Scott's Space Invaders

Scott's Space Invaders 1.9

Scott's Space Invaders features a cosmic fight between the invaders and us
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Scott's Space Invaders is a shareware arcade game for Windows. This game features a cosmic fight between green invaders and us. The aim of this game is to shoot torpedoes at the invaders and destroy them all. At the same time, we must keep our eyes wide open and try not to be hit by any of the bombs that are continuously being dropped by the invaders. Optionally, we can be protected by four barricades, but we have to be brave, occasionally, and get out into the open field, and shoot to kill.

Once we have destroyed all the green creatures, we must also hit the UFO to be able to go up to the next level. If we manage to get any of the powerups, we can shoot two missiles at a time.

Since this is war, we can choose between fair play and cheating. There are up to seven tricks that we can enable - for example, destroy an UFO, move to the next level immediately, etc. It is possible to customize the background, enable/disable sound effects, set controls, select the speed of our weapons and theirs, and so on. We can evaluate this game free of charge. Space Invaders runs under Windows Vista, and XP operating systems.

Review summary


  • Customizable options
  • Easy to use


  • A little bit boring
  • No uninstall option
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